The ZIPPER CAMSHAFT will maximize the horsepower your ZIPPER CYLINDER KIT can deliver.

We recommend you have a Heavy Duty Case here for the 114Hp ZIPPER CYLINDER and ZIPPER CAMSHAFT COMBOS. Rotax started building HD Cases about mid 2006. If you do not have one we can machine it to HD for you.

Installing a ZIPPER CAMSHAFT with your 114HP kit will get you 120HP.

We took several engines to the Dyno as seen below. A Stock 100HP, a 1484cc 105 HP ZIPPER CYLINDERED engine and a 1622cc BIGBIGBORE ZIPPER CYLINDERED engine. The HORSE POWERS were verified very close to our calculations. After consulting the Camshaft Manufacture, the ZIPPER CAMSHAFT will give you an extra Five Horse Power. More intake and exhaust time to accomadate the ZIPPER CYLINDER UPGRADES.