The 1484cc ZIPPER CYLINDER HIGH POWER KIT will give your Rotax 912uls, 114HP. You can upgrade from a 100HP Rotax or an 80HP Rotax (912 ULS or 912 UL).

It is recommended that you have an engine with a Heavy Duty Case,  Slipper Clutch, Heavy Duty Starter and a Soft Start. You will need to use premium auto fuel or avgas with this conversion. Rotax started using a HD Case about mid 2006. If you do not have one we can machine it for you.

This is a Plug N Play Kit.

Horsepower  :  114

The compression ratio:  11:1

Displacement :  1484 cc

Cost :  $4,400.00

Quick Kit:  $300.00

1. Piston assembled in cylinders

2. Eight New Push Tube Seals

            3. Installed Cost (if you come to Elko, Nevada): $5,200.00