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Zipper Updates!

This is the spot where we can update you on what’s happening.  Check back!

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John’s Kitfox 5

John went big with the 1622 High Torque Zipper Conversion. Hal and his son Jake got it installed and he has been flying like it’s his job ever since.  He loves the Whirlwind prop on his new engine setup. Stats: Rotax 912 ULS 100 HP 200? model xxxx? hrs at conversion Heavy Duty Starter Slipper Clutch

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Simko’s S7

Simko is a seasoned backcountry/alpine pilot.  He has roots in ultralight flying, so giving him 114 HP is a real kick in the pants. Simko flew to Elko, Nevada and had Hal install the kit.  Then flew back, all in one day! “That’s important as it shows the confidence I have in it, and how simple

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Greg’s S7

Greg is upgrading to a 1484 114 HP and Hal is installing him a new cam.  They are hoping for 120 HP on the dyno.   Stats: Rotax 912 ULS 100 HP 2006 model 2040 hrs at conversion Heavy Duty Crank Case Heavy Duty Starter Slipper Clutch   This old plane was very good to me, so

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Great news!

Check back to this area for up-to-date news about the Zipper Big Bore and other great products!

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